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Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc.

The Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. is an independent organization dedicated to supporting the investigation and documentation of the historical genealogy of the Fortney and related families. FORTNEY.ORG is not directly associated with the Genealogy Family but does provide support for their efforts.

In July 2017 the Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. established a Facebook page and invites all family members using Facebook to follow and like their new page.

The original Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. Website which was previously available elsewhere on the Web has been partially reconstructed and is now available via this link. Content for these pages is supplied by officers of FFGF, Inc.

Information about the Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. organization can be obtained by emailing the President.

A periodic email newsletter is distributed to individuals registered with the Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. If interested, contact the Editor.

Fortineux-Fortinet Family in America Book

The Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. published this 600 page book documenting the generations of Fortneys, Furtneys, Fortnas, and Fordneys that migrated to and lived in America from the 1700's until 1989 when the book was published.

The last new copies of the book were sold in March 2007. Used copies are occasionally available on and Google scanned the book in 2007 and it is searchable on Google Books. Plans to publish updates to the book (possibly in electronic form) have been discussed, but there is no schedule available at this time.

For more information you may contact:
Bruce A Furtney
66 Nanette Cres.
London, Ontario
N5X 3K8

Fortineux Surname DNA Study

The Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. is sponsoring a DNA-based Fortineux Family investigation including the Fortney, Fortna, Furtney, and Fordney sirnames. The following links may be of interest.

Description of Fortineux Sirname DNA Study

University of Arizona Family Tree DNA Projects

Fortney/Fortna Family Tree DNA Project Signup

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