The Fortney Family Tree is intended to illustrate the relationships between branches of the Family, and when complete will allow navigation up and down the tree between any two members of the Family. It will also allow Todays Fortneys (Fortneys who are currently living) to be graphically related to their ancestors.

This effort is a trial to determine how valuable such a graphical illustration might be, and to determine how much work it will take to develop and maintain such a tree. As such it is currently a "work in progress" and very incomplete in many areas. Development will be ongoing, but probably not very rapid. You may use it for what it is worth.

Source data for the Family Tree has come from several members of the Family but the historical information portion is heavily dependant upon the work done by Fortney - Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. All information obtained in support of this effort is fully and freely shared with the Genealogy Family.

17th Century Europe and Early America
1-3-2-1-1 Fortney, Eli Alexander (Sr.) (1804-1892) 1-3-2-1-1-2-3-12-2* Fortney, Thomas (Tom) Michael (1937- )
1-3-2-1-1-4-5-6-4 Fortney, Lowell Jackson (1918- )
1-3-2-1-1-8-1-1-1 Fortney, James (Jim) Thomas (1943- )
1-3-2-1-1-8-3-6-1 Fortney, James (Jim) Thomas (1937- )
1-3-6-6-5 Fortney, Buckner Jay (Sr.) (1823-1855) 1-3-6-6-5-2-7-2-2 Fortney, Robert Joseph (1930- )
1-3-6-6-5-2-7-2-4 Fortney, Willard Lee (1934- )
1-3-7-7-2 Fortney, Jacob Dale (1820-1901)
1-3-7-7-2-6-5-1-2 Fortney, John David (1956- )
2-2-3-4-4 Fortney, Christian (1810-1891)
2-2-3-4-4-12-1-3-2 Fortney, Norman Russell (1934- )
2-2-3-4-4-12-1-3-3 Fortney, Gilbert Lester (1938- )

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