What's New

in the Fortney Family Web Pages

This page notes significant changes made to the Fortney Family Web Pages.
General updates occur on a continuous basis.

11/19/2016 Details concerning the 10th International Fortineux-Fortna-Fordney-Fortney-Furtney Reunion have been posted to the REUNIONS - 2017 page.
11/30/2014 At the direction of the Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. Board of Directors, pages from the restored Genealogy Family Website have been revised to remove old and possibly misleading information. In order to facilitate communications with the FFGF, an email address linking to the President of the Board has been added to the site.
7/5/2014 Family members are now offered FORTNEY.EMAIL email addresses. Everyone using the FORTNEY.NAME domain has converted and that domain will no longer be available. See the HOME page for how you can have a FORTNEY.EMAIL address.
6/16/2014 Information on the August 2, 2014 Reunion in Missouri has been posted to the REUNIONS - 2014 page.
3/26/2011 A Final Information Packet and Registration Form for the 9th International Fortineux-Fortna-Fordney-Fortney-Furtney Reunion has been posted to the REUNIONS - 2011 page.
7/8/2010 Initial announcement of the 9th International Fortineux-Fortna-Fordney-Fortney-Furtney Reunion has been posted to the REUNIONS - 2011 page.
4/3/2009 New Index Number System introduced to supplement Family Index Numbers used in Fortineux-Fortinet Family in America Book. It has been determined that when errors are identified in the old numbering system, or when new members of the family are added, the new Index numbering system will be used. The new system does not attempt to support construction of a lineage tree, but the new numbers will be used for identification within the tree.
4/2/2009 The Today's Fortneys tables have been re-organized into separate pages for first names begining with the same letter. This will allow for faster Internet access, improved search engine indexing, and the addition of many additional family members for whom we have minimal information. It is hoped that those who see their name listed will respond with additional data.
4/9/2008 A link for accepting Donations using PayPal has been added to the bottom of the Opening (Home) Page. Your interest in Fortney Family email addresses and in just generally supporting the Website is appreciated.
10/27/2007 Site has been relocated to a new server. Only the 2007 Password will work. Please report any broken links.
10/07/2007 Site is being relocated to a new server and only the public portion is available until the move is complete.
1/27/2007 Added REUNIONS 2007 pick on Main Menu for Reunions scheduled in 2007.
2/21/2006 Link added to bottom of Opening Page for printable summary of FORTNEY.org Internet Services. Information from the Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family on REUNION 2006 added to the site.
5/23/2005 Fortney Family Genealogy Links page now provides access to partial recreation of Fortineux Family Web Pages published by The Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc.
4/26/2005 Renamed Fortney Family Genealogy page to Fortney Family Genealogy Links to clarify that this page contains links to pages off of the FORTNEY.ORG site. Additional information added on the Fortineux DNA Study. Expanded information on availability of Fortney email addresses.
2/24/2005 Revised Fortney Family Genealogy page to indicate that the Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. Website is being reconstructed and will be available from this page in the near future. Provided link to new Fortney/Fortna Family Tree DNA Project.
4/29/2004 Revised Fortney Family Genealogy page to indicate that Association's website is unavailable. The Association President's email address is no longer working.
7/6/2003 Corrected errors in Genealogy Numbers in family of Jefferson Sanford Fortney (1-3-2-1-1-4-5-6) caused by confusion over possible stillbirth of one twin. Unable to verify second child ever existed.
8/10/2002 Standardized name format for female born as a Fortney but now using married name. Previously format varied between Tree and Personal Pages. Now "Fortney [MarriedName]".
Revised entire site to remove references to old Genealogy Family Site (no longer exists). Now points to External Links Page. Page Revision Dates not updated.
3/8/2002 Fortney Family Information Form (Genealogy Worksheet) made available for download in PDF and Word format. The primary link is on the Home page under the description of the site ORGANIZATION - Today's Fortneys.
1/24/2002 Established links to new Fortney - Fortna Family Genealogy Pages. Removed local Book and Newsletter reference pages.
1/10/2002 Revised opening page to clarify purpose of site. Announced creation of new interactive eMail Reflector designed to improve communications between family genealogy researchers.
11/3/2001 Completed password protection of all personal pages. Family Tree pages remain open to the public. Please report any broken links, this was a massive update to hundreds of pages.
11/3/2001 Suspended links to Fortney - Fortna Family Genealogy Pages because of long-term availability problems. Updated Fortineux Newsletter Editor contact information.
1/28/2001 Decision made to password protect personal pages. All new pages will be in protected format and existing pages will be updated as time permits. Individuals desiring their page be protected on a priority basis should contact the Webmaster. Family Tree pages will remain open to the public.
9/18/2000 FORTNEY.ORG moved to new ISP (sorry if some of you lost us for a day). Visitor Counter moved to Menu Frame
7/11/2000 Available data added for the Joseph David Fortney (2-2-3) family. Tree now complete for portions of this family.
5/13/2000 Significant additional data added to the Levi Jackson Fortney (1-3-2-1-1-4-5) family. Tree now complete for portions of this family.
11/28/1999 Update to correct the numbering of the William Michael Alonzo Fortney (1-3-2-1-1-2-3) family as a result of last year's identification of additional family members. Tree now complete for portions of this family.
11/27/1999 Large segment of Daniel Fortney (1-3-6) family added to include individual pages and tree data.
11/25/1999 Identified family links for James Thomas Fortney, 1-3-2-1-1-8-3-6-1, family and linked three generations on personal pages and Tree.
11/21/1999 Added Huguenot Ring Banner and corrected significant spelling error.
2/18/1999 Fortney Family Reunion information added.
12/07/1998 Fortney Family Tree name and index links reversed to agree with approach used in Today's Fortneys. Additional Tree material added.
11/22/1998 Initial Fortney Family Tree structure added for testing purposes.
10/10/1998 Added several pictures from Thomas M. Fortney side of family.
9/1/1998 Added Dorian F., Michael L (and family), and Robert L. Fortney
12/21/1997 Added more names to Today's Fortneys
12/8/1997 Added/Replaced Pictures for JTF Fortneys
8/9/1997 Restructured Page to add What's New? and Today's Fortneys
4/7/1997 Fortney Family Page Initiated with references to Fortineux Family Page and Genealogy Book Home Page